jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

The Afro-Pfingsten Festival, 9 al 13 de Junio del 2011 en Winterthur, Suiza

Every year at Pentecost «The Soul of Africa» in Winterthur touches the hearts of tendhousands of visitors inviting everyone to the biggest Africa & World music Festival in Switzerland; The Afro-Pfingsten Festival.

Top-class artist from Africa and, Latin America and the Caribbean lead the visitors through different theme nights during the festival. Roots & Reggae, Noche Latina, Acoustic Africa, Women Voices and more interesting artists will ensure to covering a diverse taste of music.

The colourful Africa-Market, the World Bazar, the broad range of diverse cultures and the informative FairFair will provide visitors with the possibility to explore a unique market atmosphere. Moreover, the workshops provide an interesting insight into the lifestyles of different cultures. In addition, the film festival presents a variety of exeptional film premiers.

All this and a lot more is «the Soul of Africa» in Winterthur, the unique Africa & World music Festival in Switzerland – a big and social Event of different cultures.

Para mas información  The Afro-Pfingsten Festival.

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